For all sponsorship and marketing collaboration proposals, please send your full detailed proposal & all the qualifications below.

Kansei wheels regards full and partial sponsorship opportunities seriously and is always looking for creative ways to expand our brand awareness.

Sponsorship’s are very limited and depend on the time of year, the budget, and the specific product.

As an absolute minimum for your proposal deck we ask you include:

  • Full Name and Vehicle Information

  • How you can specifically and uniquely help in KANSEI product marketing

  • Your detailed plan on content creation and media distribution

  • Minimum of 3 High resolution current vehicle photos or future rendering ( No Instagram Links )

  • Current sponsors  

  • How you help your current sponsors with their marketing and promotion

  • Current wheels

  • Full event and race schedule for 2019 (excluding local meets)

  • Your Instagram, YouTube, or website link

    If the guidelines are not met, the Application will not be viewed and rejected.

    For Professional Athletes & Professional Motorsport sponsorship, please email marketing@kanseiwheels.com with your deck and full proposal.

Name *
Year / Make / Model
Please list your instagram.
Link to High Quality image. NO INSTAGRAM LINK.
Link to High Quality image. NO INSTAGRAM LINK.
List of all vehicle modifications done
How can you represent Kansei

Keep in mind that sponsorship’s (both full and partial) are limited and vary with each specific product. While we wish to sponsor every inquiry, it is just not possible. Due to the high volume of inquiries, response times usually take 2-3 Business Weeks

-Kansei Wheels Marketing Team.